Ben Hammersley (@benhammersley) is a technologist, futurist author and Editor-at-Large of UK’s WIRED magazine. Ben explores the effects of the internet and the digital network on the world’s business, political and social atmospheres. His latest book, 64 Things You…

Daniel SchmachtenbergerDaniel Schmachtenberger (@theneurohacker) is the co-founder and director of Research and Development at the Neurohacker Collective, where he is focused on developing processes and technologies for advancing medicine and human optimization and hosts a podcast exploring those topics.

Daniel is particularly focused on personalized medicine, adequate approaches to complex illness, and deepening our knowledge of how the human regulatory systems function, how they break down, and how they can be supported to function with greater resilience and blogs at

Growing up home-schooled, Daniel had early exposure to design science (Buckminster Fuller, Jacques Fresco, Permaculture, etc.), systems science and complexity (Fritjof Capra, Stuart Kauffman, etc.), philosophy and psychology (eastern and western approaches), and activism (animal rights, environmental issues, social justice, etc.) His passion has always been at the intersection of these topics – specifically, facilitating the emergence into a mature civilization – that can prevent otherwise impending catastrophes, remediate existing damage, make possible a radically higher quality of life for all sustainably, and support greater realization of our individual and collective potential.

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