126. Why Tech Isn’t the Answer (or Problem) and Society Needs New Ethics and Incentives to Survive this Century | Nikola Danaylov

Nikola Danalyov (@singularityblog) is a keynote speaker and futurist, tech philosopher, vegan and the host of Singularity.FM, one of the top tech futurism and ethics podcasts where he’s interviewed 200+ of the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, philosophers and artists, debating the most important issues.

119. Sustainability to Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Automation and Nuclear War | Mark Diesendorf

Mark Diesendorf (@markdiesendorf) teaches, researches and consults in the interdisciplinary fields of sustainability & energy, energy policy, urban transport, ecological economics, and practical sustainability Prior to joining the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW Australia, he’s been a Principal Researcher and lecturer at various higher institutions.

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