Galit Ariel

Galit Ariel (@galitariel) is a transdisciplinary creative and strategic thinker and self-defined Digital Hippie, very focused on augmented reality and experiential tech. Her book Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality explores the manner in which Augmented Reality’s diffusion will shift cultural and functional paradigms and redefine core concepts related to culture, space, experience and ethics.

Her agency, Wondarlands, helps clients and brands shape their augmented futures, exploring immersive narratives, interaction tools, brand touch-points, and experience creation. She’s an international speaker and mentor that’s been featured at TED, The Next Web, SXSW, Fifteen Seconds, Slush Tokyo, IVRPA and many more. She is also a member and co-founder of a UK based think-and-do-tank connected to the Ravensbourne University Architecture research center, looking at the future of urban environments and how they might influence the human experience.

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Pierre Barreau Aiva AI musician

Pierre Barreau (@aivatechnology) is an entrepreneur, computer scientist, composer and director and the CEO of AIVA, an artificial intelligence that composes incredibly emotional and beautiful music and soundtracks. He was nominated for a Gold Panda Award in the “Best Director” category when he was 15 years old for a four-film documentary series, One Night in the Cosmos and gave a very popular TED Talk in 2018.

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Nikola Danlayov Singularity FM

Nikola Danalyov (@singularityblog) is a keynote speaker and futurist, tech philosopher, vegan and the host of Singularity.FM, one of the top tech futurism and ethics podcasts where he’s interviewed 200+ of the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, philosophers and artists, debating the most important issues. Nikola’s the bestselling author of Conversations with the Future and also published over 1000 articles on AI, the singularity and the future of all of us. He’s been featured in BBC, the Huffington Post, WIRED, TV Japan, io9, ZDNet, BoingBoing and others and is regarded by many as the Socrates of  Today.

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Mark Diesendorf

Mark Diesendorf (@markdiesendorf) teaches, researches and consults in the interdisciplinary fields of sustainability & energy, energy policy, urban transport, ecological economics, and practical sustainability Prior to joining the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW Australia, he’s been a Principal Researcher and lecturer at various higher institutions.

Mark’s work with organisations including AusAID, Australian Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Hydrocool Pty Ltd, Minister for Minerals & Energy (Western Australia), StateRail (NSW), Sustainable Energy Development Authority of New South Wales, Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria, WWF Australia, and various municipal and local governments in Australia and China.

He has been at various times secretary of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science (Canberra), co-founder and vice-president of the Sustainable Energy Industries Council of Australia, co-founder and president of the original Australasian Wind Energy Association, president of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (ANZSEE) and vice-president of Appropriate Technology for Community and Environment (APACE). Mark is co-editor of the interdisciplinary book Human Ecology, Human Economy: Ideas for an Ecologically Sustainable Future and the author of Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy and Climate Action: A Campaign Manual for Greenhouse Solutions and Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change.

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Nancy Giordano

Nancy Giordano (@nancygiordano) is an entrepreneur, futurist, consultant and techno-optimist committed to building societal structures and behaviors that keep up with tech to ensure a safe and thriving future for us all…

Nancy’s been recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists, she has spent her career building, shaping and guiding a portfolio of $50 billion worth of major global brands through her work with Play Big Inc.

She’s also a frequent panelist at South by Southwest (where she produced the first Career Fair For the Future to help college + high schools more actively design the future of their work), is global keynote speaker, Singularity University guest lecturer and world’s first TEDx licensee.

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Martin Ford Futurist

Martin Ford (@MFordFuture) is a futurist and the author of the bestselling, award-winning Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, Architects of Intelligence: The Truth About AI from the People Building It and The Lights in the Tunnel, as well as the founder of a Silicon Valley-based software development firm.

Martin’s written about the implications for future tech for publications including The New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and dozens more and has appeared on shows like NPR, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business and PBS. He’s a frequent keynote speaker on the subject of accelerating progress in robotics and artificial intelligence—and what these advances mean for the economy, job market and society of the future.

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Steve Brown - bald futurist

Steve Brown (@baldfuturist) is a speaker, author, strategist, advisor with over 30 years of experience in high tech and is the former futurist and chief evangelist at Intel Corporation. Steve’s been featured on BBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, ABC News, Wired, WSJ:Digits, CBS, and many other media outlets and is passionate about helping people to imagine and build a better future; whether talking about the future of work in a post-automation world, doing a deep dive on artificial intelligence, or discussing the future of flying cars.

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Bryan Alexander futuristBryan Alexander (@bryanalexander) is a futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher with an unconventional background in English and Romantic-era literature working in the field of how technology transforms education and blogging at He’s worked with the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE), a non-profit working to help small colleges and universities best integrate digital technologies. Bryan’s been featured in the Washington Post, MSNBC,  US News and World Report and is frequently called on as a speaker on the future of education. He’s also the author of Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education, Gearing Up For Learning Beyond K-12 and The New Digital Storytelling.

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Tom Cheesewright (@bookofthefuture) is a futurist, speaker, engineer and founder of applied futurism practice, Book of the Future and creator of the Futurist’s Toolkit, a suite of tools for agile organizations. He has a degree…