REPLAY: Fraser Cain – Why We Are Entering a New Space Race and Where We Go from Here

fraser cain - universe today and astronomy castFraser Cain (@fcain) is the founder of Universe Today, one of the most popular spaces and astronomy sites online with over 3 million space focused visitors a month. In addition to Universe Today, Fraser co-hosts Astronomy Cast, a fact-based weekly journey through the cosmos which offers discussions about astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology Fraser has been working in the software/Internet industry for the more than 15 years and was a partner in two software companies that are now traded publicly. He studied engineering at the University of British Columbia and has a degree in computer science. Visit Fraser’s site at Universe Today.

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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • What’s been happening in space since the space race
  • How advances in reusable rockets, materials science and hardware have revolutionized the future of space
  • Why Fraser thinks Earth is far and away from the best place in the solar system to live
  • How the new space race may unfold and the political implications
  • The health problems associated with living in space and living in low gravity
  • Why asteroid mining and space manufacturing may hold humanity’s key to the stars
  • The changes in space technology since the space race
  • How space exploration may impact our evolution
  • Why Earth should be focused as only our home
  • Why space is a possible answer to our climate change and pollution problems
  • The reason the economics of space are starting to become viable
  • What is really the future for life in space
  • Why space is key to overcoming the existential risk

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