Ayesha Khanna

Dr. Ayesha Khanna (@ayeshakhanna1) is Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) solutions firm and incubator that was named one of 4 top AI companies in Asia. She has been a strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities and fintech to leading corporations and governments and serves on the Board of Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the Singapore government’s agency that develops its world-class technology sector to drive the country’s digital economy and power its Smart Nation vision.

Her clients have included SMRT, Singapore’s largest public transport company; Singtel, Singapore’s largest telco; SOMPO, Japan’s largest insurance firm; Habib Bank, Pakistan’s largest bank; and Smart Dubai, the government agency tasked to transform Dubai into a leading smart city.

Prior to founding ADDO AI, Ayesha spent more than a decade on Wall Street developing large scale trading, risk management and data analytics systems and was co-founder of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a research advisory group established to analyze the social and economic impact of accelerating technologies.

Ayesha is the co-author of Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human-Technology Civilization. She has been published or quoted in most major publications and presented at major financial, technology and other industry conferences, provided high level government briefings, chaired symposiums such as AI Asia, and spoken at TEDx events.

Ayesha is also the Founder of 21C GIRLS, a charity that delivers free coding and artificial intelligence classes to girls in Singapore, a Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and on the Board of Advisors for Humanity+ and directed the Future Cities Group at the London School of Economics, and has been a Faculty Advisor at Singularity University.

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Douglas Rushkoff - Throwing Rocks at Google Bus

Douglas Rushkoff (@rushkoff) is an author, teacher and documentarian who studies human autonomy in a digital age. He has been named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT.

Douglas’ work explores how different technological environments change our relationship to narrative, money, power, and one another. He coined such concepts as “viral media” and “social currency,” and has been a leading voice for applying digital media toward social and economic justice.

Douglas is the author twenty books including bestsellers Present Shock, Throwing Rocks and the Google Bus, Program or Be Programmed, Life Inc, and Media Virus and is releasing his new book Team Human based off his podcast.

He has written and hosted three award-winning PBS Frontline documentaries – The Merchants of Cool looked at the influence of corporations on youth culture, The Persuaders, about the cluttered landscape of marketing, and new efforts to overcome consumer resistance, and Digital Nation, about life on the virtual frontier. Most recently, he made Generation Like, an exploration of teens, marketers, and social media.

Douglas is also a research fellow of the Institute for the Future, and founder of the Laboratory for Digital Humanism at CUNY/Queens, where he is a Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics. His novels and comics, Ecstasy Club, A.D.D, and Aleister & Adolf, are all being developed for the screen. Douglas also served as an Advisor to the United Nations Commission on World Culture and regularly appears on TV shows from NBC Nightly News and Larry King to the Colbert Report and Bill Maher.

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Daniel SchmachtenbergerDaniel Schmachtenberger (@theneurohacker) is the co-founder and director of Research and Development at the Neurohacker Collective, where he is focused on developing processes and technologies for advancing medicine and human optimization and hosts a podcast exploring those topics.

Daniel is particularly focused on personalized medicine, adequate approaches to complex illness, and deepening our knowledge of how the human regulatory systems function, how they break down, and how they can be supported to function with greater resilience and blogs at civilizationemerging.com

Growing up home-schooled, Daniel had early exposure to design science (Buckminster Fuller, Jacques Fresco, Permaculture, etc.), systems science and complexity (Fritjof Capra, Stuart Kauffman, etc.), philosophy and psychology (eastern and western approaches), and activism (animal rights, environmental issues, social justice, etc.) His passion has always been at the intersection of these topics – specifically, facilitating the emergence into a mature civilization – that can prevent otherwise impending catastrophes, remediate existing damage, make possible a radically higher quality of life for all sustainably, and support greater realization of our individual and collective potential.

NOTE: Daniel’s company Neurohacker Collective produces Qualia, a top-notch nootropic mental/physical enhancement supplement. You can get 10% off your 1st order of 15% off subscription using code FRINGEFM


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roxanne meadowsRoxanne Meadows (@roxmeadows) is the co-founder The Venus Project (@thevenusproject), an ambitious project looking to find alternative solutions to the many problems that confront the world today and ultimately build an experimental city to design the future of humanity. From 1975 to the present, Roxanne has worked with renowned futurist, Jacque Fresco until his death in 2017.

The Venus Project offers society a broader spectrum of choices based on the scientific possibilities directed toward a new era of peace and sustainability for all. Through the global Resourced Based Economy, and many other innovative and environmentally friendly technologies directly applied to the social system, The Venus Project plans to dramatically reduce crime, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and many other pressing problems that are common throughout the world today.

By training Roxanne is a technical illustrator , architect, model creator and scientist. Since 1985 she has worked on models and designs to improve architectural development in the United States, in addition to numerous films and publications.

The Venus Project has been featured in dozens of publications, news outlets and podcasts and Roxanne personally has presented at conferences and seminars in over 25 countries including joint presentation with with Mr Fresco to the United Nations.

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Parag Khanna - Global Strategist and Advisor

Parag Khanna (@paragkhanna) is a leading global strategist, world traveler, and best-selling author. He is a CNN Global Contributor and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre on Asia and Globalisation at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. He is also the Managing Partner of Hybrid Reality, a geostrategic advisory firm, and Co-Founder & CEO of Factotum, a boutique content strategy agency – topics he addressed in his popular TED Talk on How Megacities are Changing the Map of the World.

Parag has (co)authored several books, including:

In 2008, Parag was named one of Esquire’s “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century,” and featured in WIRED magazine’s “Smart List.” He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, and Bachelors and Masters degrees from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He has traveled to more than 100 countries and is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.


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