Gerd Leonard - futurist, keynote speaker

Gerd Leonhard (@gleonhard) is a futurist, keynote speaker and author and listed by Wired Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe (2015). Gerd’s work focuses on the future of humanity, technology and digital transformation; including big disruptors like artificial intelligence, robotics, the future of content and media and much more.

Gerd addresses topics such as what it means to be human in a world of machines and algorithms, the coming redefinition of human-machine relationships, the future of work and jobs and much more. He is a much sought-after speaker, having presented at more than 1700 events in 60+ countries since 2004. His clients include Google, Sony, UBS, Mastercard, Unilever, Lloyds Bank, WWF, Nokia, The Guardian, Siemens, BBC, France Telecom, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, MTN, The Financial Times, , The EU Commission, VISA, and many others.

Gerd is a member of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA, London), an advisory board member of the Indian and Canadian research institutes and the author of Technology vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine. Continue reading

Oliver Christie (@oliverchristie) is the founder and CEO of Artificial Intelligence consulting firm Foxy Machine. He works across multiple industries to help integrate Artificial Intelligence into companies and organizations, leveraging data for smarter outcomes. Foxy Machine also has a research arm that looks into the future of Artificial Intelligence and how it can have a positive global impact.

Oliver works closely with the X Prize as their AI Advocate, Heads Data Science for OpusAI and advises half dozen other AI startups. In 2009 Oliver and his firm Foxy Machine were a GoogleX Moonshot award winner with The Optimized Self, the ultimate health database for optimized health and he’s won an IBM Watson Prize for his work on the Watson Bridge Team.

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Eric Ladizinsky - Co-founder of D-Wave Quantum computing companyEric Ladizinsky is the co-founder and Chief Scientist of D-Wave Systems (@dwavesys), the world’s first quantum computing company and the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software. Their mission is to use quantum computing to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

D-Wave’s systems are being used by world-class organizations like Lockheed Martin, Google, NASA, USC, USRA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Volkswagen, and many others and they have been granted over 160 U.S. patents and has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in leading scientific journals.

As a leader in the space, Eric is often called upon to evangelize on all aspects of quantum computing.Prior to D-Wave, Eric was a principal investigator at Northrop Grumman Space Technology (formerly TRW, Inc.) where he ran a multi-million dollar DARPA program in Quantum Computing using superconducting integrated circuit technology.

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dr james cantonDr. James Canton (@futureguru) is a renowned global futurist, social scientist, keynote presenter, author, and visionary business advisor. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures, a leading think tank he founded in 1990 that advises business, the Global Fortune 1000 (like IBM, GE, HP, Boeing, Intel and more) and many governments on future trends in innovation, financial services, health care, population, life sciences, energy, security, workforce, climate change and globalization.

In addition, James is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Research in Innovation at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, on the advisory board of the Corporate Eco Forum and has advised three White House Administrations, the National Science Foundation and MIT’s Media Lab, Europe.

Dr Canton is the author of the following books:

And James is no stranger to media. He was named “the Digital Guru” by CNN and “Dr. Future” by Yahoo, is a commentator on CNN and has been featured on/in CNBC, Fox, PBS, ABC, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Bloomberg Report, The New York Times, US News and World Report, CEO, CIO and CFO Magazines.

And finally, Dr. Canton serves as Co-chairman of the Futures and Forecasting Track at Singularity University.

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