Welcome to The Disruptors: Future Snippets: Bite-sized clips with TED level top thinkers, founders and scientists on how advances in biotech & genomics, space travel, IoT, AI and other exponential tech converge to create our collective future and what we can do, from a research and policy perspective to shape the trends, technologies and societal norms for a better world.

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Nikola Danalyov (@singularityblog) is a keynote speaker and futurist, tech philosopher, vegan and the host of Singularity.FM, one of the top tech futurism and ethics podcasts where he’s interviewed 200+ of the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, philosophers and artists, debating the most important issues. Nikola’s the bestselling author of Conversations with the Future and also published over 1000 articles on AI, the singularity and the future of all of us. He’s been featured in BBC, the Huffington Post, WIRED, TV Japan, io9, ZDNet, BoingBoing and others and is regarded by many as the Socrates of Today.

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