99. Why Hacking and Cyberwarfare is Big Business for Russia, the Mafia and CIA | Eric Cole

April 8, 2019

Eric Cole CybersecurityEric Cole (@drericcole) is arguably the #1 cyber security expert in the US with a resume including the Obama administration, the CIA, the Gates Foundation and CTO of McAfee and was inducted into the 2014 InfoSecurity Hall of Fame.

Eric is an expert in information technology, with a focus on secure network design, perimeter defense, penetration testing, vulnerability discovery, and intrusion detection systems. He has also authored many books, including Online Danger, Advanced Persistent Threat and many more, an inventor with more than 20 patents and the founder of Secure Anchor, an elite cybersecurity consulting firm.

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Today we discuss:

  • The importance of cybersecurity and why hacking always gets easier
  • What the CIA does when it comes to cyberwarfare
  • Why the US is actually one of the biggest perpetrators of hacking worldwide
  • What is the future of politics in a post-Trump world
  • Which monopoly scares Eric the most and why
  • How Alexa and smart home devices drive even greater surveillance and tyranny
  • Why Eric is terrified of autonomous vehicles and thinks they’re overhyped
  • How Eric views social media and our future
  • Why politicians probably can’t fix the cybersecurity threat
  • How to think about increased polarization
  • What Russia taught us about social media and influence
  • Is Huawei actually a threat to US infrastructure

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