91. Coal is Dead, Climate Change is Real, and Bezos and Alexa for President | Nikolas Badminton

March 11, 2019

Nikolas Badminton - Futurist and SpeakerNikolas Badminton (@nikolasfuturist) is a world-respected futurist speaker, author, and researcher. He wows audiences with keynote speeches on the impact of exponential technologies including: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Work Productivity; The Sharing Economy; Autonomous Transportation; Smart Cities; Education; The Future of AI integrated with Life and Business; and Predictions for humanity from 2017 to 2030, and beyond.

Nikolas regularly appears on the BBC, CBC, CTV, Global News, Fast Company, VICE, and writes for the Techcrunch, Huffington Post, Forbes, Venturebeat, Betakit, TechVibes, Business.com, and other media.



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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The reason the world’s most valuable company has yet to be created
  • Why we need to start taking climate change seriously and saying screw you to lobbyists
  • The biggest problems with the traditional education and a few creative ways to solve them
  • Why China is making such fast technological and economic progress and what it means for the future of the West
  • The future of energy and why it is renewables all the way
  • What Amazon Alexa and voice assistants mean for the future of work and parenting
  • How agritech and AI will change the future of cities and supply chains
  • Why the singularity is and isn’t almost here
  • The reason some companies and kids dominate the world while others die out
  • Why genetic engineering and CRISPR based designer babies aren’t something that worries Nikolas
  • How to address the issues social media
  • Why the future is never really knowable and rarely predictable

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