Clay Collins - Internet Marketer, Serial EntrepreneurClay Collins (@claycollins) is currently the CEO and Co-founder at Nomics and Board Chair at Drip/Leadpages which produces a free crypto market data API for enterprise level crypto investors and runs Flippening, a top 3 crypto podcast.

Before co-founding Nomics, Clay founded Leadpages, where he drove growth to over 48K paying customers (and 175 employees), led the company’s acquisition of Drip, and raised $38M in venture capital financing.

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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • How blockchain and cryptocurrency threatens current political order
  • The big problem with government fiat money
  • Where Clay sees us headed in terms of the internet
  • How your privacy is bought and sold, well beyond what you already know
  • Why Clay would bet it all on Bitcoin
  • The future of governance and governments
  • How IoT will affect all of us
  • Why building a venture funded tech startup is harder than almost anything else
  • How libertarians want to recreate the internet
  • Why blockchain is still a long ways off from mass market success
  • What futures Clay is most worried about
  • Why AI won’t be replacing all jobs soon

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