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Richard Brion (@richardbrion) is the founder of Revolution Agriculture—a patent-pending solution to the food security challenge—and an ex-US Navy officer focused on making farming more adaptable to a climate change-driven world with less resource 60% less water, faster production, and higher yields. He’s the winner of the USAID & Humanity United Tech Challenge to Prevent Mass Atrocity, has lived in 66 countries and has a wealth of experience in every corner of the business.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The future of agriculture: both big and small
  • How humanity can solve our food shortage going forward
  • Politics and realities of eating organic
  • How Richard’s deployment in Afghanistan shaped his world outlook
  • Why Richard’s worried about GMOs and unintended consequences
  • The aquaponics and reinventing the future of food
  • Why GMOs have faced such harsh criticism
  • What Richard likes about the Swiss system of forced military service
  • Why political leaders need more military perspective to govern effectively
  • What happened with the Drug War and the law of unintended consequences
  • The reason isolationism isn’t a good policy for the US or anyone
  • Why AI is more dangerous than we think
  • The scary truth about Trump’s rhetoric on Europe and NATO

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