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Mark Sackler (@marksackler) is a futurist/foresight analyst, the North American Correspondent of The Age of Robots Magazine and the host of the Seeking Delphi podcast where he talks space, sustainable energy, the future of transport and biotech with the innovators creating the world we’re all racing towards.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Why Mark became a futurist at the age of 66
  • Mark’s initial forays in the longevity space, in the 70s
  • How the space race galvanized Mark’s initial interest in the future
  • Ways to change the way we all think about the future
  • The big problems with linear thinking and other traps that cause massive harm
  • Why horse manure is a great example of a simply stupid philosophy we all fall for
  • Which areas of biotech have Mark more excited and why
  • Thought on existential risk and the importance of optimism
  • The news paradigm and how to shift the story
  • What anti-aging technology will mean for society
  • The under-discussed importance of clean meat
  • Why diversity is so lacking in tech and futurism
  • Ways to change your perspective for better

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