109. Neuroscience, Bioelectric Biohacking and the Future of AI | Isy Goldwasser

May 18, 2019

Isy Goldwasser Thync founderIsy Goldwasser (@isythync) is the founder of Thync, a startup creating breakthrough bioelectronic therapies to advance a frontier and create a consumer category that will impact billions of people. Prior to founding Thync, Isy was CEO and on the founding team of Symyx Technologies, a company he’d help take public. Isy’s named as an inventor on more than 40 US, European and Canadian patents and currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Scripps Research Institute and The California Institute for Biomedical Research and was a Entrepreneur in Residence at Khosla Ventures in 2010.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The future of self-enhancement and why much of it will be mechatronic
  • Why humanity will NEVER be able to keep up with AI
  • What happens as we automate away jobs and why Isy’s not worried
  • Why we have so many issues adjusting to technology and societal change
  • The neuroscience of performance and optimization
  • Why AI is a really good thing for the human race
  • How social media and AI can lead to a dictatorial state
  • The importance of emotion in our daily lives and future
  • Possible alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Why Isy doesn’t think AI will ever be conscious
  • The reason AI will be a distributed technology which makes it safer
  • Why venture capital can become a major hassle
  • How to improve healthcare and bring down costs
  • What Isy thinks about gene editing

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