103. LEGOs in Space, Blockchain vs Big Tech and the Uber that Ultimately Failed | Steve Sammartino

April 22, 2019
Steve Sammartino futurist author

Steve Sammartino (@sammartino) is an entrepreneur, futurist, author and public speaker focused on finding the truth and creating the future.

He has had multiple tech startups and launched one of the first sharing-economy startups Rentoid.com, before Uber or Airbnb, and sold the company to a public company. Steve now invests in emerging technologies and has multiple advisory board positions. He is heavily involved in the startup scene in Shanghai, a passion for the culture and even speaks Mandarin.

Steve collaborated with Raul Oiada to launch the world’s first Lego Space Shuttle into space to an altitude of about 35,000 meters and developed the world’s first life-sized, drive-able Lego car with a compressed air-powered Lego engine. He’s also the author of The Lessons School Forgot and The Great Transition, both books which examine the future of technology, work and jobs., both books which examine the future of technology and work.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Steve sent a LEGO space shuttle into space on a shoestring budget with help from a random Skype connection
  • The power of problem-solving and learning on the fly to disrupt education
  • Why Steve is incredibly bullish on blockchain
  • What technologies Steve is most excited about and how they’ll transform our world
  • The importance of Amara’s Law and understanding technological adoption
  • Why social media is pushing our farther and farther apart and probably the biggest threat of all
  • Is AI good, bad or indifferent to humanity’s goals
  • Why space is the next frontier and the proliferation of smartphones makes new things possible
  • Why venture capital is such a negative and destructive force on the world
  • How Steve started the first sharing-economy startup and why it ultimately wasn’t a huge success
  • What Steve’s daughter learned growing a pizza
  • Which investment will pay the biggest dividends in the long run

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